Two Sides of A Coin

My husband and I wanted a place to share our projects...I do crafting (e.g. cards, sewing, etc...), household projects, and parties for kids. My husband makes toy trucks, household projects (e.g. closet redesign), and helps with party decorations and games. While he's a professional contractor, we do this for fun. We both cook, but I am more likely to try new and different recipes. We'll be trying out Pinterest items and reporting back.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Make Your Own Sugar Scrubs

I'm back.  And found I had several posts sitting in the draft stages, so I am going to post a few of these before I start writing from scratch again.  Hope you enjoy these.

I have never tried making sugar or salt scrubs before I was crossing my fingers they would turn out.  I think they did...they look cute and smell great. But on feedback, the oil wasn't quite right. 

So, I am on the hunt for better oil.  The olive oil was just heavy - significantly increasing the rinsing required. I am going to attempt a different oil next time.  The other most important sure the containers seal well.  The little Tupperware pieces weren't sealed tightly enough and they leaked a bit.  Also, be sure that the you can reach into the container and get the scrub out - while you are in the shower.