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Monday, October 1, 2012

PinFail - Halloween Googley Eyed Frame

So I thought this frame idea from Pinterest was so great. And I thought I can do this.

No, I really cannot.  It just didn't look right. I even ripped some eyes off and tried placing them in different ways.  I then thought maybe if I layered the eyes...again, looks weird.

I bought a cheap frame from Michael's.  Should have splurged for one with glass.

And I started adding eyeballs.  I had eyeball stickers and glue on eyes.

And for some reason, the eyeballs didn't want to stick. I tried a couple of different glues.  So, finally I even tried glitter glue - the eyes got glue and glitter on top of each one. 

So I ripped off all the eyes and have started using them on other products. And I asked DH to please sand the top of the frame off, so I can try again.

Total PinFail - but it might because I didn't stick to just plain black and white eyes, plus I didn't start with the right glue.

I may try again, if I get all my other Halloween crafts done first.   Anyone else had success with making this frame?  It's nice to know that not all Pinterest items are as easy as they appear.

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