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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Pinterest Failure...We tried and it was lost...

So, I saw this cool Halloween decoration on Pinterest.  I thought I could make these glowing eyes.  Supposedly, it was pretty interesting.  The end result had me yelling "PinFail"  - this website is one of my favorites to see how things turn out. 

We planned on camping, so I thought it would a perfect craft to try out in the woods.  Lots less ambient lighting, so it should be easier to see.  Oh how I was wrong.

We took an empty paper towel holder. I cut out some eyes with an exacto knife.  And then I took these glow bracelets that I got cheap at Michael's.  They are great because they are like $1 for 16 bracelets.  Unfortunately, they have about a 30% fail rate.  So, once I got two working well, I taped them inside the paper towel roll.  No luck.  Couldn't see anything.  It was lost in the dark - couldn't make out the eyes at all. I tried adjusting the angle and still had zero luck.

Night 2 - I attempted to close off the ends with duct tape and put five bracelets inside.  Still no luck.
I am going to make one final attempt using a real glow stick (but I have to buy one first).  Then, I will try cutting a glow stick open and pouring it inside the tube.

Maybe I will luck out.  But honestly, it's a PinFail for me so far.

Anyone else have any luck?  Any advice on what else I could try?

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