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Friday, September 21, 2012

Robot Birthday Party Prep

My best friend's son requested a robot birthday party.  As I have mentioned, I do love theme parties, so I totally took over most of the crafting and party planning.  Just trying to help my BFF out by pulling the theme together so it really stands out.  Her son is great kid and I think he'll get a real kick out of all the details.

The party is tomorrow, so I just wanted to show you some of the items we made.  I'll take more pictures of it all set up and post those later this weekend.

So what did I make?

Robot Birthday Banner

Stamped & Embossed
First, I made a robot birthday banner.  I traced "nut" shapes (really hexagons) onto blue paper.  I used the robot stamp from Paper Source to mark the beginning and end of the banner.  I used silver ink and embossed them with glitter just to give it a little pizazz. 
Then I cut red stripes to put across each nut and glued them in place. I varied the placement to add visual appeal.  Then, I cut out Happy Birthday Aaron in silver sticky back foam. 

I learned from my last banner making experience to put the holes closer to the top of each individual nut.

I strung it together with black curling ribbon.  I'll post a photo tomorrow of it hanging up.

Robot Decorations

I made some robots for decorations.  I took random pieces of metal laying and starting hot-gluing them to tin cans.

The hair at the top is wind chime pipes, the eyes are beer bottle caps, the arms are little screws with nuts attached, and the rest is random other pieces of metal.

Robot Bean Bag Toss Game

Then, we needed a game.  We decided I should make a robot bean bag toss game.  DH (Dear Husband) was instrumental here - built the board so it can used over and over.  It will stand up on it's on and it can be placed like corn hole or stood up, depending on what I paint on it.  

He will cut out the holes for the tossing part.  Advice if you decide to try this - cut the holes first and work your design around the holes.  Especially if you plan to use the same board over and over with different designs.  You want the holes centered.

I then used a projector to pencil in a robot design.  Once it was penciled in, I used black paint to outline it.
 And yes, I am painting it while watching TV in my pajamas!

He came out pretty adorable.  The holes will show in the next post.

Party Activity - Make their own Robots

We also decided that one of our activities at the party will be for the kids to make their own robots.  I saw this on Pinterest and it came out pretty well.  We'll see how the kids do tomorrow.

I asked my DH and every I knew for random extra metal parts that they had around their homes.  Amazing how fast some of them gave me items. 

Then, I sorted them out.  I had to figure out what would work best for the kids.  I got small magnets (about 3/4 inches across) at Walmart and began gluing them onto the different objects.

I took an old cookie sheet and starting placing the items on there.

I took beer bottle caps and glued magnets on the back. I also used metal wire thread to make curly lashes for some of the robots.  The can with the pipe cleaners sticking out the top is an example for the kids.

Utensil Holders

And finally, I used my stamps and extra paper just to decorate some cans to use for utensils or some of the food.  I glued strips around the cans and cut out the individual robots after I stamped them.

I promise to show the results tomorrow.  I hope you enjoyed this.

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