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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Quick Wash and Dry Project

I really cannot stand the laundry room.  It's in the basement, so it's not very cheery or light filled.  My DH drywalled most of the basement last spring and this was the first chance I had to do anything with it. We keep our supplies on the shelf above (which is awesome) and we have two sinks down there.  One just for laundry drainage and the other for the messier jobs.  We keep our wine making supplies to the side of the dryer.  It's a much better space in general.  Just boring.

So, I picked up some letters from Paper Source and decided to paint them a cheery yellow and nice apple color. I got my FolkArt and Americana brand paints from Michael's. I keep a selection of paint colors on hand.
The first attempt at the yellow letters went horribly wrong - came out the strangest color of neon yellow.  Like being yelled at, rather than encouraged.
My first attempt at yellow letters

It took two coats for the red and three coats for the yellow letters.  So here they are when finally done.

Red "Dry" Letters
Yellow "Wash" Letters
I fiddled with the letters trying to decide the best placement.  Then, I simply took a nail with a bit of head on it and used a screw to put a hole in the back of individual letter.  Easy peasy.  And I like it.  Still have more to do - not cheery enough to entice me to the laundry room, but it's been better.


Anyone else done anything cool with a laundry room?  It's not a lot of space in most of these areas.  And I'm always looking for ideas. 

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